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A Multiple ‘Me’


Do you act like yourself like how you do with your friends when you are in a club with strangers? This may be a bold question to ask, but do you? I am sure you have behaved differently in different social situations or with other people.

You wouldn’t be too friendly or too sweet with a stranger you met 30 minutes ago at a bar (I mean If you have no other intentions, wink wink). You would typically act as if you are sassy, although you are a person who would normally ask about other friend’s mom how they are doing and be all nosy about your friend’s love life (like we always do), wouldn’t you?


Multi personamultiple identities that modern people possess. 


Photo by Callum Skelton on Unsplash


Multi persona is a relatively new concept accepted by millennials and even thought of as essential for various identities.

Why are people nowadays ok with one person having ‘multiple me’? People are okay with multi persona because, as I said, we have behaved differently in different social situations or to other people. People tend to develop distinct identities according to diverse circumstances. It is like how you create different tones and attitudes in different SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

You might think having a multi persona is terrible. But you know what? Having a multi persona could be healthy.  You can get out from the pressure you feel during a typical day and separate yourself from the different you who can do things that you would typically not. Not just about dealing with different circumstances or with different people, but sometimes people want to become someone other from themselves to experience the different side of them.

Multi persona does not mean that you are not true to yourself. It is not a fake personality or a mask that you are wearing to hide. They are all you. You are playing different roles according to your wish and urge. A multi persona can help you find the real you. In this era of multi persona, people tend to dress differently according to their identities. It is because you need different fashion items to state your other identities.


Photo by Md Salman on Unsplash


Possessing various fashion items would help you to express different identities. Fashion accessories like hats, purses, shoes, socks, or even a watch could add up to a subtle change that could accentuate your every identity. Nowadays, you’ll see a watch that you can change the colors and type of straps according to what you feel comfortable with at that moment with varying shades of dial faces.

If you feel like a sexy fox, you can wear a sleek rose gold strap with a purple rectangular dial face watch. If you feel like a professional career woman, wear a silver strap with a silver dial face watch. If you feel like being coy but a perky lady, wear a watch with a mint dial face and a white leather strap.

Interchangeable straps and various stylish modern watches will be perfect for highlighting your multi persona.

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