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Day In The Life Of Modern Korean Women

Day In The Life Of Modern Korean Women Paulvice


6:30 AM 


Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash


The alarm went off.

PAULVICE couldn’t open her eyes right away, although she knew that she had an important presentation to give this morning. She needs to get ready. She is contemplating rather she would get coffee first or take a shower first.

6:40 AM

All of a sudden, PAULVICE pulls her body up from her bed and yells, “I need to get ready!”

She ran off and went straight to her bathroom to turn on the shower faucet.


Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

‘Ah,’ The water is too cold.

While waiting for the water to warm up, PAULVICE gets undressed, and in her mind, she is thinking about what she is going to wear for the day.

She has decided to wear her black ankle-high slacks and black jacket with white t-shirts, and she will pair the outfit with black heels.

Last but not least, she will have her favorite PAULVICE watch with a black strap and a cuff to perfect her look.

She wants to look professional, especially today, but at the same time, she wants to feel comfortable.

As for her watch, it will look effortless to have it on her semi-casual look. She is planning to have dinner with her friends later today so that the watch will work versatile.

As she feels the heat coming out from her bath, PAULVICE goes into her shower boot and takes a nice warm shower. The smell of vanilla and coconut fills in her bathroom, and she enjoys every scent of it.

7:10 AM

Her hair is still wet and water dripping, and she is down at her kitchen to have some bite of a toast. She munches on with camembert cheese, her favorite, and a sip of a coffee that she just made.

Yes, make-up time.


makeup, PAULVICE

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash


This is her the most favorite time of the day. PAULVICE usually goes for a natural look; however, as today is when she wants to look strong and confident, she will put on some eyeliners to fill her waterline.

She tries not to go overboard. Still, she wants to look like herself.


12:00 PM 

PAULVICE’s presentation has gone great. Everyone cheered and gave a round of applause.

It was a project that she had been working on for months, and she did it. Of course, she felt butterflies in her stomach this morning before the meeting, but she looked like she knew what she was doing during the session.

She was sharp, at the point, and professional.

After finishing her daunting but exhilarating task, PAULVICE went out for lunch with her teammates. Walking down the streets of Seoul breathing fresh air in, she feels alive.


work, lunch, paulvice

Photo by Alfred Rowe on Unsplash


6:00 PM 

PAULVICE has a dinner appointment with her friends tonight.

She checks her Kelly watch and sees that she has 30 minutes to get to the restaurant.

PAULVICE made the reservation a month ago to get into the most famous restaurant in Seoul. It was the perfect day that she spent her night with her friends the same day she successfully finished her project.

She might open champagne or buy her friends glasses of mimosa.

PAULVICE is smart enough to know that taxi will take twice a long time to get to her destination during the rush hour.

She is taking a subway.

Her fresh flowery scent makes people around her feel relaxed and good after their busy and hectic day. On the subway, PAULVICE is well poised like a modern woman in a big city.

PAULVICE gets off from the subway and walks to the restaurant. Her stride looks confident. She is an independent career woman in Seoul.


8:00 PM 


Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash


Dinner was fabulous.

All her friends complimented PAULVICE’s healthy lifestyle as she is fit than ever before. PAULVICE started pilates every Saturday to keep herself intact. Paulvice is happy that her hard work paid off.

PAULVICE and her friends moved over to an art museum next to the restaurant.

PAULVICE is developing a habit of becoming close to art and exhibitions of all kinds to get out of her comfort zone and broaden her horizon. She is continuously learning new things and improving herself to be better.

She is not afraid of making changes in her life because she believes that is how she grows.

With a camomile tea take out in her hand, she is walking toward her home.

On her way back, PAULVICE thanks herself that she has spent a busy but satisfying day. She had a full day with confidence but didn’t forget to lose herself either. She was perfect herself.


Photo by Sunyu Kim on Unsplash

Her daily routine might seem relatively simple, but every moment was meaningful.


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